"Super cool" Manila photos from the perspective of FPT University students

Recently, a group of FPT University students just have started the overseas On the Job Training term (OJT). Listen to James (Quoc Dai) ‘s sharing after nearly 1 month of studying OJT in Manila (Philippines).


Initially before I left, I thought everything would be very difficult because it was the first time I went abroad, the first time I went to practice in a place where I never thought I could go that far. But when I came here, everything was really different from what I thought, everyone in the Philippines was very friendly, happy, always helping us in everything. The language gap seems to be very small, because even though it was difficult to understand the people here , however they always devotedly express themselves with actions and gestures until we understand.



We served internship at City Garden Suites Manila, a famous luxurious group hotel in the Philippines. I really learned a lot during the past 1 month period. I learned how to work, how to arrange my schedule and use the software, how to store data, how to behave and what attitudes to have in the hospitality industry here. Especially, I was fortunate to be appointed as Assistance of MIS Manager, an IT industry department specializing in hotel data management, security management, CCTV, Smart Key and Online System of City Garden Suites . I learned a lot of experience, knowledge and skills about IT, Smart System and Digital Marketing from Sir VJ - MIS Manager.



The most fortunate thing was when I was selected by City Garden Training Center as the MC for the Graduation Ceremony of Filipino friends who interned the previous course. This made me feel very happy and challenged, I got to practice my English and MC skills.



Here, we also got to open our cultural, historical and geographical knowledge when visiting scenic spots, historical museums such as the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, The Mind Museum, Venice Piazza and Sound. and Light Museum, ... At the same time we also had the opportunity to make new friends, learned a few common Filipinos words, got showed around to some places, experienced the habits and cultures so it was easier for us to adapt.



If I have a chance to decide whether or not to serve internship in the Philippines again, I would still make the same decision, because after 1 month, I was very happy, excited and loved the country and people here.




Sincere thanks to FPT University, the International Cooperation (IC) Department, Imus Institute Science and Technology, City Garden Suites Manila, who enabled us to have the opportunity to experience, study and have many memories like now. I always hope that there will be more opportunities for us and other friends to discover and study abroad in the future.


Right from the third year, FPT University students will participate in practical internship sessions (On the Job Training - OJT) in 4-8 months. Students can participate in real projects, learn, rub, accumulate experience. With a large network of domestic and foreign business partners, the OJT term will equip students with knowledge and skills, quickly adapt to the working environment.


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