Taking university to study abroad

NLD Online - In addition to the goals of having a good job in the future, many young people strive to successfully complete their 4 years of university to continue on their dream of studying abroad.

Trang Hai Minh (born 1999), a K13 student of FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City, impresses other people by the cute appearance and the approachable personality of a young man from the West. Like many of his peers, at this time of the previous year, Minh also faced many difficulties when making decisions for his future.

Motivation from the desire to study abroad with your ability

Minh shared: "I like drawing manga and want to study abroad but my family's income is not enough to cover my living expenses there. I have applied for a partial scholarship from the University of Cincinnati (USA).  ), but the remaining money was too big for my house at that time ".

Conditions do not allow but the desire to study abroad still urges Minh not to give up.  Hai Minh temporarily put aside his dream, determined to train himself well at a domestic university, considering this as a step to prepare for the "expedition" journey.

Knowing that FPT University training programs are “import” foreign curriculum and are taught in English, Minh chose this place as a start for his dream.  Moreover, regular extracurricular activities organized throughout the provinces in the country and abroad will help Minh to rub reality, be more dynamic and flexible.  Hai Minh said: "I think FPT University will help me develop myself well, so my chances of getting a 100% scholarship will be higher. I want to study abroad by my own ability".


Good environment will promote ability well

After a year of studying, Minh felt that his decision was completely right.  During the month of concentrated training in the military zone, Minh had many happy memories, made many new friends and practiced the independent character.  Minh happily shared: "There are many universities nearby, but I chose Ho Chi Minh City University not only because I feel this is a good learning environment but also an opportunity to learn how to take care of myself".  

With good English, Minh is exempted from studying English according to the school's regulations. Taking advantage of this time, Minh enrolled in Vovinam earlier than his classmates and applied for "one-legged" designer collaborators at FPT University's Personal Development Department (PDP) with the advantage of being a major student graphic designer and knowing how to use design software from high school.

Minh smiled brightly and shared: "Now I have more time than other friends, so I make good use of it. Collaboration with the PDP room not only gives me the opportunity to practice but also helps me to earn an additional income.  The amount of money is not large, but it also helps me to cover some personal work without asking for more from parents. In addition, I also take advantage of this time to learn and study at home through the Internet ".

Seeing clearly the path I want to take, the 13K student of FPT University is trying step by step to make what he wants come true.  With this determination when graduating, Trang Hai Minh will be confident when "pocketing" 2 foreign languages, living experiences and soft skills enough to not be surprised with life at anywhere as well as great professional ability in the field of Graphic Design to continue on my dream of studying abroad.
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