The handsome versatile ‘90s guy who created Hand Balancing Solo Act

Recognized for his body balance ability, one arm handstands, Le Pham The Vu got invited by Asia’s Got Talent 2018 to perform in early July. What’s more, this handsome 6-pack guy can speak English fluently and possess an impressive sports award collection.


Hand Balance is quite popular in the West as a means of testing arm strength and body balance. Many people practice Hand Balance professionally and regard it as an art form. In Viet Nam, Hand Balance is still fresh and often performed along with other activities like modern dancing.
Having watched several clips online by chance, Le Pham The Vu (undergraduate, Ho Chi Minh City) fell in love with this special technique. He started practicing Hand Balance over a year ago. Vu shared: “As its name suggests, Hand Balance requires us to balance on our hands while being upside down. At this point, it’s hard to breathe as the heart is above the head and the eyes always look down at the ground to maintain balance. The wrist is the point supporting the whole bodyweight so it has the highest pressure”.  
First month practicing, Vu got his wrist broken twice, suffered from fatigue and whole body aches; he once wanted to give up but practiced again because of his deep passion. Vu said: “I learned from experience, increasing my wrist strength before training Hand Balance to reduce pain, avoid injuries and gain better endurance. I must overcome the pains to be stronger and never get hurt again”.


After practicing based on available clips online, Vu noticed that Hand Balance can be mixed with dancing, modern dancing, martial arts and even yoga so he created his own art form called Hand Balancing Solo Act.
Vu told us: “Hand-balancing is really difficult and Hand Balancing Solo Act is beyond that difficulty. This art combines balancing acts with dancing interchangeably, demanding a well-built physique. As the training progressed, I gained more experience through receiving injuries and making mistakes”.
Vu’s clip of hand-balancing mixed with flexible dance moves, sometimes involving doing one arm handstands went viral on social media. Friends had shown him their admiration and support. More importantly, Vu was invited by the organizers of Asia’s Got Talent 2018 to perform at the qualifying round in Viet Nam in early July.
Vu is also a versatile person, winning a lot of sports awards when partaking in local youth competitions like Bronze medal in swimming at National Phu Dong Sports Game 2012, Bronze medal in Youth Swimming Festival 2012, Top 5 Vietnam National Yoyo Contest 2013, Tug-of-war Champion at Quang Trung Software City Sports Festival 2017…
In addition to playing sports, Vu teaches Yoga and is currently a student of  HCM City Circus Federation. His articulate English speaking ability is also awe-inspiring. Vu is now tutoring elementary and secondary students in English communication at home. 


Vu’s handstand performance is the result of serious practice over a year

Recently, Vu once again showed his handstand skill in a clip of FPT University Talent Show. His Hand Balancing Solo Act was a unique performance among others (singing, dancing…) and expected to appear again in the Final Round, held at FPT University, Innovation Building, Quang Trung Software City.
“I want to perform this act everywhere not for the fame. My aim is to let hand balancing known by others, loved by others and practiced by others to improve arm strength and health in general” – Vu shared.




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