The legend of the mascot of FPT University

Many newcomers to FPT University wonder why is everything at school attached to a toad. For example, the teachers are the Teaching Toad, the students are the Study Toad (sometimes Understanding Toad), the Board of Directors is the Approve Toad, the good students are the Golden Toad ...

When you have questions, you will get the answer: "FPT University mascot is the Toad". This answer makes you wonder even more: "Why not anything else but a Toad?". So, let me tell you about the Toad Family.

Why is Toad the mascot of FPT University?


Like any member of FPT, FPT University must invest seriously in the selection of mascot for its units. Fsoft chose Bird, FIS chose Bee ... and FPT University had to organize a conference with all the leaders from big to small to decide what animal to choose.

The conference was extremely lively with extremely rich ideas. Anyone who accidentally witnesses the conference accidentally would probably think that it was an Animal World Conference. Just when an opinion is voiced, others reject. Someone ask to take the Lion, the lord of the forest, fierce, brave and resilient, so worthy of representing FPT University, but immediately Lion was stated as strong but with idea, additionally, the “death” in Lion sounds creepy and FPT University wish to befriend everyone, not conquer them…


There was an idea to choose the Elephant because it is strong and gentle ... but there are people who think that Vietnam has the Tanh Linh forest Elephant which  caused many horrors, not to mention that if Elephant was chosen as a mascot then where does the school get money for a gold Elephant reward?

Just like that, the person who chose Albatross was criticized that Albatross according to the legend of was a filial child; choose Tiger, criticized as cruel, not an educational environment, not to say that it is highly vulnerable to hunting; choose Monkey, you will only imitate and Bats is alike to Dracula, choose Dragon and say that when you give the Golden Dragon they will be mistaken as a green bean cake, choose Buffalo, it will be toilsome; choose Cow, stupid; choose Dogs sound like the old Hac has the dog Golden… .and then Dragonfly, Rake, Whale, Shark, some people are even so pessimistic about the beauty of the school, as to propose Crocodile as a mascot ...

Exasperated, the Headmaster banged on the table and shouted, "Stop choosing." The people were also arguing, they were frustrated and annoyed, so they agreed on the same "Stop choosing" and chantec the phrase over and over. In a crowded and noisy atmosphere, the word "Toad" and "choose” were intertwined and it became “choose toad”. The meeting suddenly fell silent, then everyone’s eyes shined as if suddenly realized a simple truth. The Headmaster who was thrilled and trembling sat face-up and laughed, saying, "It is the heaven idea, we will choose Toad as a mascot."


However, in FPT, all opinions to become the truth always met with endless judgements. Immediately the conference was divided into two sides, the for side of the Toad and the anti-Toad faction. The anti-toad said that Toad is ugly, live in the humid places, how could it represent a modern and dynamic young school like FPT. Toads have an infinite number of bad rumors, they are called kidnappers, black spots on the face are known as warts, medium-sized green fruits are called toad, rotten slum is called toad shop, the market that is empty and poor is called toad market…. There is absolutely no reason to choose Toad as a mascot.

However, the for Toad side won’t stand down, they give 10 extremely compelling reasons as follows:


  • First, about Education, the Toad is the only animal associated with education, as evidenced by the Dong Ho painting with the painting of the Toad master, showing profundity and intelligence. There is no Albatross master or Elephant master
  • Second, in sociology, the Toad is an animal that is highly appreciated by the people for their stubbornness, as evidenced by the phrase "Toad sue heaven", it’s heaven they still dare to sue, The bravery and extremely unruliness that are very similar to FPT University after it was founded. Besides, folk also said, "Toad is the Heaven’s Uncle," it is clear that Toad is a big fish with high position, convenient for asking for a favor.
  •  Third, about Creative learning, the Toad is an extremely dynamic animal and will never sit still, such as folk having the phrase "Toad on a plate" to say that it is difficult to get us into a framework. This stays true to the spirit of constant creation.
  • Forth, in Meteorology, the Toad has the ability to "call rain and wind", no less than Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms, as evidenced by ‘Toad wish for rain 'by clenching his teeth. Rain is good for crops, give prosperity to many places. How blessed.
  • Fifth, about Martial Arts, Toad is a very tough animal, everyone knows about purple Toad, though small but ready to jump into a fight with a Tiger, only accept "Both leave" but refuse to be bullied. Such bravery suits FPT University so much.
  • Sixth, in Agriculture, Toad is a natural enemy of insects, with Toad, the crops are less damaged, so that the people can enjoy living happily and singing everywhere. In an environment that always struggles with "insects" like us, there is nothing more rational than a natural enemy.
  • Seventh, about Linguistics, it is said that in folklore, people often attach the word coc (meaning toad) before each negative sentence, such as to hear, to learn, to play ... to make them mean do not listen, do not study, do not play ... In an environment of high creativity, the negation is a prerequisite to new things. Therefore, choosing Toad is a right decision.
  • Eighth, about nutrition learning, toad meat is considered to have a high nutrient content. Malnourished young children use an effective medicine which is to eat Thi Toad (processed carefully). Therefore, choosing Toad means to say "no" to ... malnutrition.
  • Ninth, about zoology, Toad is an amphibian, living on land and underwater, breathing through the lungs, breathing by the skin, has a great vitality and adaptability to the external environment. Besides, there is a huge amount of poison on the skin, limiting many enemies. FPT students who graduate with the spirit of "accepting all kinds of monsoon" should choose an animal with high vitality and adaptability and that is not to be debated.
  • Tenth, in economics, each semester the school (FPT University) will choose the best students to award a golden reward, such as Golden Bees, Golden Birds, Golden Ants .... Picking toads is extremely reasonable because it is not so big as wasteful like Golden Bear, Golden Elephant or worse Golden Whale, but not too small and stingy like Golden Bees, Golden Ants, Golden Mosquitoes ... Also making a gold Toad is not too impossible.

After listening, the Headmaster nodded eagerly, but to ensure democracy, he asked the conference to conduct a "vote". Immediately, the for Toad side chanted "Choose toad, choose toad, choose toad" ... The anti-toad is also no less competitive, immediately shouting, "Don’t choose, don’t choose, don’t choose" ....

The sound rejoined ... and like the words of fate, the shout "choose toad, choose toad, choose toad" kept echoing for the "n" times and the Headmaster stood up and spread his arms to the make the hall quiet. His face lighten up with a satisfied smile on his lips, the conference silently listened to "the final words” and a deep voice sounded: "Choose Toad".

 And the Toad has been associated with FPT University ever since.


According to Online Reading Toad. 


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