The renowned startups of Vietnamese students

Many startups of Vietnamese college students have resonated, forming a powerful wave in talent and bravery of what a true youth is supposed to be.


Haivl – a phenomenon in the field of Vietnamese websites.

Haivl announces its existence to the public on 5/2012 by Vo Thanh Quang – Born 1989, FPT University’s alumni – as the creator. Haivl was born in a time when there was many predecessors suppressing it like, but it attracted an unimaginable amount access. Although being born unfortunately late, Thanh Quang’s Haivl still fascinates the young generation with its focus on a 9gag like structure – a type of meme social media.

Only after one year in development, Haivl has attracted a tremendous amount of viewers accessing and uploading contents, creating a meme community with a trendy trait that about 2 million visits per month. This was an impressive number for a team of five individuals maintaining Haivl.


The contents of the website were all aimed at effective humour as its main objective with silly stories and images.

Furthermore, the reason why Haivl got so successful in such a rapid speed was that the user could create their own contents and upload it on the website to gather likes and comments.

While still in its prime, the 24H Joint Stock Company offered the owner 33 million VND to buy Haivl. Many people were curious as to why 24H would spend such an enormous amount of money. Their rationality for doing so was because Haivl was currently having a good profit, stable user base and new satellite applications, games. 24H realized the advantages and potential to earn a great deal of money from the website is definitely possible.

Although in the present Haivl has stopped its operation, it was truly an iconic startup that people should learn from. The startup of this FPT University’s alumni has motivated many students to start their own business.


Lozi – 3 students start a business with their bare hands


Perhaps not many people are unfamiliar with the “food heaven” In order to achieve the current success, the three young students have gone through a harsh and bumpy road involving a lot of sweat and tears.


Nguyễn Hoàng Trung – một trong 3 founder của Lozi.
Nguyen Hoang Trung – 1 of 3 founders of Lozi.


In December of 2012, Nguyen Hoang Trung (Born 1992, recipient of the KAIST Academy scholarship grant, Korea); Tran Minh Son (Born 1991, recipient of the Augsburg University’s honorary scholarship grant, U.S); Nguyen Thanh Trung (Born 1992, FPT University undergraduate) suddenly decided to drop out.

The decision was viewed by many as a bad choice, their parents were unsupportive and the three students have had to gather up all their bravery to overcome all obstacles. Hoang Trung emphasized: “We dropped out of college, not quitting studying.”


After going through a difficult and challenging period, the brand of Lozi finally took shape and begin to attract investment funds as well as cooperation offers. The food website became a hot trend with the majority of young people.


Han Ngoc Vu (CEO of VIB) decided to invest in Lozi because of “Advertisement potentials and fulfilling society’s demands. Furthermore, I can see that the members of Lozi were truly competent and passionate about their contributions.”

The startup of was the beginning for young people to understand a lot about giving up something in order to obtain success.


Vietnam’s startup received multi-million dollars of investment from foreign funding


Emerging as an information technology engineer and a failed beginning with a software company, Pham Hoang Thai Dung was determined to take a new direction and succeeded in building informatics ecosystem for Vietnam’s floral industry.

In the present day, not many people are unfamiliar with the flower delivery brand Hoa Yeu Thuong. However, success did not come to him right at the beginning, failure upon failure followed him around. There are times when Duong was about to face bankruptcy and has to take many loans just to maintain the brand.


Phạm Hoàng Thái Dương với thương hiệu Hoa Yêu Thương.


It was not until 2015 that Greenwings – a floral company headquartered in Holland – invested 1 million USD into Hoa Yeu Thuong delivery startup. The large investment had helped the startup expand to the Vietnam and Cambodia floral market. After 4 years of starting the business, the presence of Hoa Yeu Thuong has spread out through all 63 provinces of Vietnam with the credo of prioritizing prestige and quality. Duong learned from the advanced systems from foreign countries and quickly develop a system of national chain stores throughout all the provinces. 

It was not by chance that Greenwings invested more than one million USD, but it was because they had foreseen the powerful growth of the Vietnamese floral market as well as the profit Hoa Yeu Thuong could bring back.



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