The results of business competencies and community significance combination

The SoBé has won the first prize of the competition (Company of Year) with the Brum Brum app which not only has great commercialization but is also practical with community’s development. The embers of the group who are Le Binh Minh, Tran Nu Ngoc Hoang, Bui Do Minh Nguyen, Le Giai Thanh and Tran Khanh Ly, were honored to receive 5 full scholarships and had the opportunity to own a ticket to COY Asia-Pacific held in Beijing - China.

Having Launched in 2017, the COY contest has attracted more than 3,000 candidates from high schools across the country to participate. Through work-shops, young people have fostered their knowledge and developed their business capabilities. 6 Outstanding finalists with 6 projects made the audience and the jury "confused" because all of them deserved to be placed first.

Make the society more “beautiful”
Dr. Vo Minh Hieu - Head of Business Administration Department - representative of the main sponsor - FPT University expressed our pleasure when the finalists have high community significance. Accordingly, the products and services are aimed at the development of a better society. ”100% of community-oriented submissions is a good sign. A good mindset when starting a business will help the company to succeed and bring happiness to people”.

Many projects have high community significance

Litte Tree, New farm life, A wild star, STUP, WAP, SoBé are the products’ names of the 6 teams that made it to the final round. Stemming from social issues such as polluted environment, the lack of fresh air, waste recycling, traffic laws, waste materials and common passion for the trip… Members from 15-18 years old group had embarked on planning, developing business models, assigning personnel, consulting advisors and deployment.

2 parts of the final that need to be overcome are persuading shoppers at the fair and cross debates among the teams. Those competitive sections make the game such an exciting and tough one.

Many projects have high community significance

About 1kg of rice husk will produce 300gr of Silica - raw materials for the productions of cement, cloth, mattresses, desiccant packages, paints ... STUP brought to the final the Silica production model from rice husks which saves the production cost for companies comparing to foreign imports, whereas New farm life is a project to create fertilizer from waste that has helped protect the environment.
Meanwhile, SoBé - the most outstanding team who won the first prize, wants many young people especially children to learn traffic laws through the game. This not only fits the needs of entertainment but also makes studying law easy. With a beautiful interface, Brum Brum are hoped to be an interesting phone application. The potential presentation of the leader Binh Minh had fully conveyed the message of the group after 3 months of research. SoBé which stands for so best (best things) also means that joy begins with small actions such as traffic laws compliances.

High commercial potential
Besides, the commerciality is also interested by young people. This demonstrates management capacity and passion for business. Along with solving the story of grasping traffic laws, SoBé worked with companies to make profits from advertising cars.
Moving to the next group, Litte Tree, a group of students from Dinh Thien Ly secondary and high school, built a business model connecting tree demands to young people. The highlights of the group are the interaction between the company and the user and promoting service. If buyers don’t have enough time or have trees problem during the growth process, the plant will be looked after by staff.
Meanwhile, WAP is a highly applicable application when connecting people who are passionate about traveling. There are many people who like to travel and explore the S-shaped strip of land of the country. However, there will be quite a lot of difficulties from finding accommodation, eating locations, traveling costs, places ... on the trip. The birth of WAP will connect you on the journey.

Bring to COY the model A wild star, the young group of Tan Phu High School hopes to provide a lot of clean air for green life. The gas will be produced from aloe Vera gardens to a gas supply treatment plant. Accordingly, the model is expected to be developed in order to apply to hospitals, residential apartments ...
Minh Nguyen - Marketing department of Brum Brum project was happy to receive the scholarship with the team. Nguyen has a plan to pursue his passion for business and 100% FPT University scholarship makes Nguyen believe that it will make his dream come true. During the course of the competition, Nguyen and many other students have learned a lot of knowledge and skills.

Long Phi - Tran Khai Nguyen High School learned a lot after the COY contest. Although it was only the third prize but with STUP, it was a joy as the biggest reward was confidence and experience, from presentation, leadership, planning to implementation, overcome failure and conquer success.

Ms. Ngo Phuong Anh - JA Vietnam representative said: “With the coverage in more than 120 countries, JA especially hold the COY Vietnam Contest to help many young people to wing their business talents”. This is a competition organized by JA Vietnam and FPT University - the main sponsor.
Being one of the top 2 universities in Vietnam for Business Administration training (according to Eduniversal's ranking), FPT University is providing Vietnam and the world with high quality human resources who have the fluency in foreign languages, professional working style and ability to integrate internationally. Becoming the main sponsor of COY Vietnam with 5 scholarships worth more than 1 billion VND, the university hoped to look for young talents in the field of business.


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