The 'Soldier Story' brought the victory to the top 8 Next Top Model

After the Photo-shoot round on September 30th Sunday morning, with the suitable charisma of the Forever Green theme, the Soldier Story, CocSaiGon's Next Top Model Season 2 - Break The Rules has found top 8 contestants moving to the next round of the photo-shoot 2.


CocSaiGon’s Next Top Model is a competition organized by FPTU Coc Sai Gon Club to look for new students who are suitable to be media faces. This is the second year the contest which is considered as an attractive and spreading competition for new students of K14 is hold.

The 16 contestants were randomly divided into 8 pairs to start the photography round in a soldier's uniform with a gun as accessory. In addition, the background is a scene of trees creating a wild feature that will recreate the image of the youth volunteers during the heroic war.


At the end of the photography round, the judges included Ms. Nguyen Le Nhung (multi-talented “Strawberry Dew” of FPT University media room), Huynh Thuc Anh (Winner of CocSaiGon's Next Top Model Season 1) and Do Huu Phat (Chairman of Coc Sai Gon Club) have selected the Top 8 excellent candidates.

Chau Bich Tram, Nguyen Thi Hang, Tran Nguyen Kieu Linh, Duong Trong Hieu, Vu Thi Thuy Trang, Tran Nguyen Gia Linh, Do Minh Khang, Ha Thi Thanh Trang had great charisma in photo shoots and step into the next round of photo-shoot that take place on the upcoming Sunday October 7th.
CocSaiGon’s Next Top Model has prizes of present value including a champion, a runner-up, a noble, a promising prize, and a favorite contestant. Not only that, candidate winning the CocSaiGon's Next Top Model has the opportunity to appear in HiLife magazine - publications published at FPT University and High Schools in the south, and also have the opportunity to have a contract as a fashion model for FMStyle SaiGon. Especially the opportunity to sign contracts to become an actor in film projects and viral clips of the school. The final night will occur on October 14th.
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