Tips to an immediate job after graduation of FPT University students

FPT University is famous for its different education model, integrating training with practice, and close linking with businesses. Therefore, many FPT University students after graduating from the university immediately have desirable jobs, even many of them earn jobs with salary up to thousands of dollars.


 Study right in an enterprise environment

Ho Vinh Thinh, an alumnus of Software Engineering Faculty of FPT University, has caused many commotion when successfully applied to one of the largest technology companies in the world - Google and excellently obtained a 100% master's scholarship in Germany. This result is due to part of the outstanding achievements that Thinh achieved at the ACM / ICPC international student programming competition: the first prize in the national scale in 2011 - 2014; Second Prize in Asia 2013; In 2014, Thinh and his teammates were present at the World Finals held in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


The most important, Thinh shared, is the university lecture hall that has propelled his dream of reaching out to the world. At FPT University, Thinh and his friends not only study theory but also practice a lot. Specifically, upon entering the 3rd year, FPT University students were allowed to take part in the practical session at the enterprise (On Job Trainning). Here, students are directly involved in the software projects they are working on to know each specific job, with the "hand-held work" guidance of experienced people. After the internship, in addition to new technology knowledge, students also learned about the real project workflow, how to manage time, how to work on a weekly schedule, how to research documents ...



 Ho Vinh Thinh, a former student of Software Engineering Department of FPT University, excellently get into Google.


 It is the study in an Education Complex and Software Park at FPT that helps students like Thinh get a realistic environment to learn and participate in the software industry practice as soon as they are still on the school chair. This is an important foundation for students to truly become a human resource with practical knowledge, skills and experience, quickly catching up with the pace of social development in the 4.0 industrial revolution.


Dynamic environment, good at soft skills.


Not only understand specialized knowledge, FPT University students are also more prominent in businesses thanks to good soft skills, quickly catching up with the working environment.



Nguyen Viet Tu, an former 10th course student of FPT University, was honored by JEIS (JR East Information Systems Company) - one of Japan's largest railway groups - Japan Railways, with a salary of 3,000 USD. Tu shared, thanks to learning Japanese and cultivating many soft skills at FPT University, Tu quickly grasped the work in the foreign working environment.

Nguyen Viet Tu was welcomed by aJapanese company with a salary of 3,000 USD right after graduation.


“Besides specialized in software engineering, the school also incorporates teaching soft skills such as Working in Groups and Business Communication. These are very good contents that FPT has pioneered in teaching and training to help students / students improve not only their professional skills but also the way to behave so they can be ready to step into the working environment after graduation. ”- Tu talks more about what he likes about the school.

Choosing for himself the challenging direction of start-up, Tran Huy Trung, CEO of BetterCre Creative Agency - one of the typical faces of start-up community in Vietnam, shared: “Entering the startup world is when we have to self-learn a lot of new knowledge. If there are no methods and skills that the teachers at FPT University have taught, then I would have been very confused and it would be much harder. ”



Tran Huy Trung, a former 5th course  student of FPT University, succeeded with the BetterCre Creative Agency startup.

At FPT University, Trung learned from teachers how to study and how to think, especially how to identify modern international information resources to live and work as a global citizen, don’t get confused with the everyday rotation of international communication.

Thus, thanks to the training and working model right in the enterprise, the dynamic environment to encourage soft skills training, students of FPT University after graduation immediately have made steady steps on the career path.


The education-software complex is widely deployed by FPT in all economic capitals, starting from Hanoi and continuing to expand the model in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Most recently is the FPT Education and Software Park Complex in Can Tho, opened phase 1 on August 10, 2018. After coming into operation, the Complex will provide high-quality technology human resources to the Mekong Delta region.



According to Dan Tri.



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