Unrequited Love through the ‘Crushood’ yearbook album

The ‘Crushood’ story is a visual storytelling work of Van Dinh Vinh Phuoc, FPT Univeristy’s K13 undergraduate in Graphic Design.   The album is a mark  of the old  high school days and also a small gift Phuoc gave to his school, Phu Thuan High School, HCM City.
Longing for a unique yearbook, Phuoc gained his peers’ support to make one. “The models were all my friends from the theatre club of Phu Nhuan High School that I once joined. When planning for this album, I immediately thought of those friends’ faces”. Quickly capturing the album’s spirit, Phuoc and two other friends have successfully portrayed a gentle and lovely high school love story.


The portrait of the “Crushood” photographer.
Phuoc shared: “Visual storytelling is what I wanted to try and “Crushood” was my first work using this style”. Having a noticeable and sympathetic theme, “Crushood” was still loved by the online community despite being the first work ever as it depicted the high school story of falling in love for the first time, one of the most unforgettable memories for each person.
In fact, Phuoc only discovered his passion for photography 8 months ago. “In Oct 2018, I was doing an overseas semester in Brunei. A group of peers in my crew lent me a camera. The very first shots made me really excited and I gradually learnt more about photography” – Phuoc talked about his first experience with a camera. “I did study art so the layout and aestheticism of photos were pretty manageable. Moreover, I wanted to continue my father’s youth passion – being a photographer – so I decided to save money and borrow a small sum to buy my own camera”. That camera was the one Phuoc used to shoot “Crushood”.
Being gifted at art is also Phuoc’s motivation to choose Graphic Design at FPT University. “Art is not only about painting, but also about logical thinking and arrangement. After studying one year at FPT Uni, I felt like I had absorbed almost all the knowledge imparted, especially in subjects like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Thinking about Color”. And he had applied what he learnt to his own yearbook album.

Let’s see the whole “Crushood” album made by this young Graphic Design student:






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