Video Art Exhibition for aesthetic and artistic ‘lovers’

Organized by the students themselves and for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, the Video Art COMPOSITION exhibition is welcoming not only FPT University students but also young people interested in Graphic Design. 


COMPOSITION is a Video Art exhibition - a final project from the subject 2D Animation and Motion Graphic of FPT’s 11th course students in Graphic Design major. “COMPOSITION in design means layout and can also be understood as a work or a combination. In After Effect software (the key software to perform animation as well as visual effects for works in the exhibition) COMPOSITION is the largest total component, a platform tool for creating animation movements ”- Lecturer Phan Bao Chau, who came up with the idea of the exhibition expressed.


The program was jointly organized from 5 classes taught by lecturers Bao Chau. Each class represents a component separated from the COMPOSITION: COM, PO, SI, TI, ON,which is also to express the idea of the program: organized by 5 student classes. Each group represents a different artistic personality.



The works in this Video Art exhibition show are meticulously and elaborately invested, from the idea generation to the completion of the work. Although there were many difficulties when students first had contact with Motion Graphics, however, these first videos will be a solid stepping stone to help them go further in the career path ahead. In addition to helping students learn new and interesting knowledge from the subject, the exhibition process also provides students with experience and allow them to receive suggestions from visitors.


Motion Graphic is not a new art form, but in recent years, there has been increasing attention for it as more businesses want to use it to convey information to customers in an attractive and more convincing way. It gives viewers both visual and auditory satisfaction. In addition, the exhibition also showed the cartoons as a result of a series of Script & Storyboard, Character Design, Background Design, Traditional 2D Animation subjects.


COMPOSITION is open to all graphic design enthusiasts, especially in Motion Graphics. the event is held at FPT University, Innovation Building, Quang Trung Software City, Ho Chi Minh City from May 15 to May 18.





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