Vietnamese Food and Culture in FPT University students’ eyes

Vietnamese’s Banh Mi, Bun Dau Mam Tom (cool rice noodle with fried tofu and shrimp sauce), Com Tam (steamed rice with grilled pork), noodle, Goi Cuon (mixed rolls)… were demonstrated by FPT University’s Graphic Design students meticulously in their drawings and embroidery. Besides, some typical symbols of Vietnamese culture such as ao dai, ao ba ba, ao tu than, Dong Ho paintings, Tet Holiday, and an ancient General were also clearly depicted by the students.

This is an exercise of the Vietnamese Cultural Base subject, conducted by Ms. Kieu Thi Thu Chung, a lecturer at FPT University, for students. Responding to the request “choosing any topic related to Vietnamese culture and expressing it with artworks”, the students brought many amazing and unique works.


Ms. Chung shared on her personal Facebook the joy after receiving the artworks from students. (Photo source: Facebook)

“I really love working with FPT University students. They are very creative and enthusiastic with their major and have good skills in drawing. That encourages me in teaching at FPT University.” Ms. Chung shared.


Let’s see more artworks which highly absorb “Vietnamese culture” by F-students:


A typical street food of Viet Nam which has become famous all over the world on many topics is Banh Mi. With skillful embroidery lines, student Le Hong Bao Uy has created a work of a 3D Bread extremely which is as attractive as the real thing.



The artwork of Student Dang Tuan Anh about Com Tam (grilled pork rice), a typical tasty breakfast of Vietnamese people.



Bun Dau Mam Tom (rice noodle with fried tofu and shrimp sauce), a must-try Vietnamese dish with cool rice noodle, fried tofu, pork, herbs and a bowl of shrimp sauce in the center under the drawing brushes of student Dang Tuan Anh.


Goi Cuon (mixed rolls with vegetable, meat, shrimp and rice skin) is also one of the familiar and favorite dishes of Vietnam. Artwork by student Nguyen Phuong Thanh.


Artwork of student Tran Hoang Ha.


Beside cuisine, fashion is also a topic highly affected by Vietnamese culture, represented by ao dai, non la, ao tu than and non quai thao in traditional festivals. Over time and over many ups and downs, the typical features of Vietnamese traditional ao dai have not changed.


The work of student Truong Quang Thai


With the admiration and pride of a talented, majestic general three times defeating the Nguyen Mong army in Vietnamese history, student Tran Hoang Vu drew the image of Tran Hung Dao (Tran Quoc Tuan) extremely strong and charismatic.


A Dong Ho painting about the topic "wedding of the mouses" which has long existed in the history of Vietnamese culture was recreated in Tran Huy's drawings. The painting expresses the vivid color as well as the spirit equally with the original work



Translated by RUBY.

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