Vietnamese programmers' salary can reach 1,400 USD

In the trendy Industry 4.0 with a series of new technologies, a programmer's salary is not difficult to achieve over USD 1,000.
According to TopDev's statistics in the second quarter of 2018, the recruitment demand in the IT industry is increasing sharply and is expected to need 350,000 employees by the end of 2021, but currently only about 200,000 employees are sufficient to meet the job requirements.
Vietnam is moving from outsourcing to making products by itself, so there is a need for more qualified programmers. Therefore, up to half of Vietnamese programmers are now aged 25-34, but those over 35 years old with their experience are still valued at companies.


Experienced programmer's salary at FPT Software is over 1,000 USD.

According to TopDev's statistics, at Vietnamese software companies, the salary of young programmers is on average 300-400 USD per month. Experienced programmers, usually at least two years or more, are recommended to range from USD 700 to USD 1,400. Meanwhile, the full stack developer (FSD) group has the highest income, about 1,400-1,600 USD, because companies need those with overall skills of operating system, database, web server ..., capable of doing everything from receiving customer requests, analyzing, proposing, designing, programming, fixing bugs, deploying, maintaining ... to keeping the mind ready to do things from easy to difficult.
However, only 13% of programmers are satisfied with the current salary and more than 50% of the programmers are willing to switch jobs when the new salary is better.
TopDev's data is quite similar to the actual situation at FPT Software - the largest software company in Vietnam. Sharing at the Tech Expo event in August 2017 in Hanoi, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Software, said that on average, a newly graduated engineer at the company earns from 300 USD a month, which can reach up to USD 1,000 depending on academic results and other "plus points" such as foreign languages, programming languages, experiences from college ...
In Japan, FPT Software's engineers with Japanese level from N2 to N1 and knowing programming languages will get high salary from 2,000 USD.
Meanwhile, according to the ICT White Book published by the Ministry of Information and Communication in September 2017, the average income of a software worker is $ 6,849 a year, which is about $ 600 USD a month. Income in the digital content field is a bit lower, about $ 6,189 per year.

Five technological trends attracting the recruiters and developers' attention in 2018 are in the order: Blockchain, AI, Fintech, AR / VR and IoT. AI ranked second, but it is the field that is being applied with the highest practicality as the technology is complete, while Blockchain is a 'hot' keyword but still too new and has many problems before it can be applied more in reality.

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