Vietnamese student welcomed by Japanese company with high salary

Although his graduation is yet to be official, Nguyen Viet Tu – 10th generation student of the Information Technology at FPT University – has gotten employed by a Japanese company with the monthly salary of 3.000 USD. The success story of Viet Tu has gathered admiration from many people.


The eccentric genius of the university

Speaking of Lucian – Tu’s nickname, his friends will immediately think of an eccentric but admirable character. When he was still an advanced student in Mathematics and Physics in Nguyen Thuong Hien high school, Ho Chi Minh City, Tu has already gathered many achievements. He passed the Economics entrance exam of the International University – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, but until the second year studying there, Tu realized that his true calling lies in Software Engineering and decided to take the national entrance exam again. This was the result, Tu got accepted by two universities, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and FPT University. He decided to choose the Information Technology major at FPT University with a 100% scholarship.

Each FPT students will study 5 subjects in a 10 weeks period, this requires absolute focus in order to finish the courses. With the intention of studying abroad, Tu registered to skim 4 subjects and he completed 9 subjects with flying colours.

He chose not to pick an internship from domestic companies and take an interview from a Thailand company with a high salary instead. Speaking of the reason for his decision, Tu said: “I went to Thailand for international experiences. The companies that I trained in were from many different countries from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines to Norway, Hong Kong…”


Welcomed by Japanese company

Through the international Collaboration department, Tu knew of the recruitment information of JEIS (JR East Information Systems Company) belonging to the large railway corporations of Japan. JEIS provides technologic solutions for their clients such as operating the railway system and IT services in other fields like restaurants, hotels, sports, finances, etc. Tu was recommended by FPT University to take an interview in Japan.

It was both a chance and an opportunity for Tu to realize his dream of studying abroad. He was once granted a scholarship from Ritsumeikan APU from Japan, but he did not have the suitable conditions. At that time, Tu had placed his dreams of coming to Japan in the back drawers. “But I only postponed it, not giving it up.” Tu said.   

The Japan interview took place on November 2017, not only did it leave Tu a special impression of the lively Tokyo city but also ecstasy from the high assessment about his professional competence, language skills and unique personality from the company leader. After the interview, Tu was selected to work for JEIS.

Having studied Japanese at FPT University along with his own understanding of his favorite country, Tu has no worries about working in Japan. “The Japanese hold perseverance and teamwork in high regards. You don’t have to be too outstanding, just show them your eagerness and determination, they will always have a place for you. Beside that, respecting other people and being polite, modest is also very important.” Tu shared.

With past experiences of working in foreign countries and interacting with many colleagues from different nations, Tu is confident. “I think I embody all of those personal straits and could balance and adapt just fine.”

Tu added in: “Professional knowledge is like the product that we deliver to the employer and communication and languages is the transport vehicle. No matter how good the product is, you can’t sell it to your clients if you don’t carry it to them.”

“Although I study in the Information Technology major, specializing in Software Engineering, the program also has soft skills subjects like Working in Groups and Business Communication. These are interesting subjects, but many universities don’t teach them to technology students.” Tu talked more about the things that he liked about his university.

Assured about employment after graduation, Tu focus on his graduation thesis – a system that permits the university staff to create a flexible template that has responsive contents depending on different subjects, majors. The results are then analyzed, reported and advised suitably to the lecturers. 

Tu shared about his vision for the distant future: “I want to travel to a few other countries, learn more to save up my knowledge and experiences, building up my relationships and finances so that when I’m 30 years old I could start up my own company and take better care for my parents, relatives and lover.”

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