Wanting to return to Vietnam after the Exchange Semester

That was what the two lovable Taiwanese students in the Exchange Semester at FPT University confided. Recently, the duo also had many interesting sharing in the show: “How to make friends in Taiwan?”.

1.Huang Shih Chieh (Peter) – To me, there is no difficulty living in Vietnam.

After the internship in Da Nang in 2017, Peter (Born 1996) decided to come to Vietnam one more time. This lovable Taiwanese has chosen the Exchange Semester at FPT University, International Business Major.



Back then I was studying Tourism in Taiwan. During two semesters, I studied under lecturer Khanh, he teaches Export and Import and Business communication. He was a friendly, kind and humorous man who is always willing to share many new ideas with the students. The others like the people from the IC department, my friends and best friends here, we were all compatible and usually hang out together to explore the hidden corners of this city.



I had met many diligent students here, really hardworking people but the thing that impressed me the most was that many of them were very friendly. Homework to a certain extend were very in depth, requiring heavy teamwork, but the good thing was that I could communicate with my classmates and find out more about them.

I used to come to many locations from North to South in Vietnam, like Sapa, Lao Cai, Ha Noi, hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Da Lat, Can Tho,...and my favorite food is Vietnamese pancake, broken rice and several Central Vietnam dishes.

During the time at FPT University, I had joined a few events organized by the school, like academic exhibition, field exhibition and parties. For me, nothing is difficult in adapting to the environment.     

After the end of the semester, I will graduate and begin to work. Hopefully in a company with a foreign branch, and then I will return to Vietnam or the nearby countries.

2.Hung Yun Hsin (Will) – To be honest, Vietnam is a 6.5/10 for me but I still want to return to this country.

The Exchange Semester was the 4th time Hung Yun-Hsin (Born 1995) has gotten the chance to explore Vietnamese culture and in his opinions, it was an amazing experience. 



My major here is Business Administration, there is no big difference between Taiwan and Vietnam. But I felt that it’s the same during the time I study with the Vietnamese students. I think that it’s necessary to be more active when the lecturer give out questions. 

There was this one day, Peter and I came to class, they gave us a painting with beautiful framing, we were really surprised. That was my happiest memory until now.



I think Vietnamese people and my friends here was amazing although the facilities aren’t exactly modern.  Overall, I give it a 6.5 out of 10. FPT University’s students have a good English base, everyone can talk and was super friendly, a few teachers have heavy accents but it’s still comprehensible, whenever we have difficulties with the subject, they will help us until we understood it completely, that was amazing. I also participated in a lot of activities by the International Collaboration department.

Perhaps I like Landmark 81 the most. It’s modern, clean and comfortable. And about food, even though I live in Saigon but I quite like Hanoi Kabab Rice Noodles and the Northern Vietnam cuisine.
Presently, I haven’t had any plan beside to try and complete the semester at FPT University. But I think I will return to Vietnam in the near future and of course, I also have thought about working in this country.



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