How is the working environment at Bosch?

That is the concern of many students before the On the Job Training term. To help them understand the working environment at businesses, FPT University organizes various Company Tour trips.


Recently, the trip brought students to Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam (Bosch) - Etown 2 Building, Ho Chi Minh City. They got a chance to visit the business, talked with the staffs who work there as well as the alumni who have internship in the company.


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Bosch Corporation is the world's leading services and technologies provider. Bosch employs about 410,000 partners globally (by the end of 2018). According to preliminary data, the group achieved 77.9 billion euros in revenue in 2018. Bosch's activities are divided into four areas: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Civil Engineering and Energy.


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As a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT), Bosch provides advanced solutions for smart housing, smart cities, connected traffic and connected industries. With its expertise in the field of sensor technology, software, and services, as well as the IoT Cloud platform, Bosch provides customers with multi-sector, connectivity solutions.

Bosch Corporation's strategic goal is to build solutions for connected life, improve the quality of life around the built the "Innovative for Life" technology.


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Bosch started operations in Vietnam in 1994. Bosch Vietnam Co., Ltd. headquater is based in in Ho Chi Minh City, they have two branch offices in Hanoi, Da Nang and a Gasoline Systems factory which produces continuous variable transmission belts (CVT) in Dong Nai province.

In Vietnam, Bosch has several business sectors which are: Car Spare Parts and Accessories, Motor cycle and Automobile Electronics, Automation and Control Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Hand-held Electronics and Building Technology

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Mr. Dinh Quoc Thai, shared about new technology with students. According to Mr. Thai, with his working experience at Bosch, Bosch is really an environment where you can learn and commit to. Talking about the trip to Japan and Australia, Mr. Thai said that there are many oppotunities for employee to experience on-site.


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Mr. Nguyen Tan Luat - Software Engineering, wishes to work in an international environment. Intending to apply for internship at Bosch in the next semester, Luat wants to cultivate more skills to conquer the interview rounds

According to Bosch, the interview process includes: CV - English test, interview with the technical department, the manager and with the human resource department. Let's talk to FPT University alumni working at Bosch, Anh Tu, who just graduated from Software Engineering - FPT University in April 2019 but have had more than 1 year working experience at Bosch. Sharing about the working time here, Tu said that the environment is quite suitable, you get to be involved in many practical projects even when you are an intern.




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Within nearly 3 hours, FPT University students had new experiences to better understand Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam.


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