What you should know about the IoT and AI major?

VTV.vn - The labour market demands have given rise to many new education programs. Including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Looking back on one Japanese class at FPT University, the lecturer gave in-class exercises to students through an application that could be accessed by either computers or smartphones. By using the app, the entire class could participate in solving the lecturer’s quizzes. All correct answer will summarize immediately by the application.  

This is one particular example of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this form of familiarization, the students could have a general understanding of how their major would be like right in their freshman years. After reaching their third or fourth year, they could have already become engineers capable of programming their own software.  

From two subjects of the Information Technology major, until now IoT and AI have become a separate major of their own in FPT University.  FPT belong to a handful of national universities that open it for enrolment. However, what makes the students here different from the other universities is that outside of their own major, fluency in both English and Japanese is obligatory in order for them to take part in the international labour market.

FPT University will officially be seeking out AI and IoT enrolments starting from this year. Interested attendants could register through 3 methods: by the Highschool graduation exams, school profile grades or directly taking FPT University’s own examination. 


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