When children continue on their parents' dreams

 Nguoi lao dong Newspaper - Seeing children successful and happy is the dream of parents.  They sacrificed many things, unfinished their own plans to give their children the best.  Therefore, at the stage of coming to universities, choosing a school for children makes many parents hesitated.


 Looking forward to the study abroad


 Many parents want their children to study in countries with advanced education such as the UK, Australia, the US ... Without the full scholarship, tuition and living expenses are a number that not all family can afford it.  Parents choose domestic universities that have the same quality of training as foreign countries with lower tuition fees so that their children can study in a global environment.

The story of Ms. Chau Thu Lan (Ho Chi Minh City) at the FPT University Graduation Ceremony touched many people.  In 2011, Kieu Chau Cam Tu whose daughter passed 3 universities in Australia. As the joy was not complete, the difficulty came when her family's company made a loss which made 25,000 USD/year tuition fees at these universities unaffordable. Being Frustrated when her daughter's dream of studying abroad was postponed, she let her children study at FPT University - the first Vietnamese university to meet the three-star international standard of QS Star International Education Organization (Quacquarelli Symonds) which has training programs and textbooks entirely in English and equivalent to famous universities in the world.

Ms. Chau Thu Lan gives flower to the board of the school.

Meanwhile, Mr. Huynh Tan Hiep, the grandfather of student Phan Thanh Giau (Ho Chi Minh City) wants his nephew to study in a dynamic environment in order to let him be more mature.  In the abroad English language semester of FPT University, he shared: “FPT University's joint training model with international universities is an opportunity for students to experience if they want to work in International environments in the future. This needs to be promoted. ”


Place for entrusting dreams


Working in a foreign country has never been an easy task as Vietnamese students have to use a completely different language for work and communication. To suit this requirement, students need effective foreign language training.


In Vietnam, FPT University is one of the few universities that have training programs entirely in English. Not only studying in the country, FPT University students often study and experience abroad with English semesters, internships, student exchanges and cross-cultural journeys.


Man Huynh Khuong (a former student of FPT University) said: “Fortunately, my school's curriculum and learning resources are in English, so when I switch to study a Master's degree and work in the US, I absolutely can read and understand documents and communicate comfortably.”


 Besides English, FPT University also trains the second foreign language which is Japanese for students of Information Technology and Chinese for Economics majors. This is a huge advantage for students to expand employment opportunities in other developed countries.


Mr. Bui Sy Nguyen - Head of Onsite FPT Software team at StarHub Singapore commented: “I am the person who directly interviews and hires FPT University students to work in Singapore, most of your foreign language skills are very good.  ”.


Each country has a unique culture, requiring international personnel to be knowledgeable, to have appropriate conduct and quick adaptability.  With the goal of "Global career readiness", FPT University focuses on internationalization in its training programs.


Instead of choosing remote and expensive countries, many parents entrust their children's future at FPT University - a dream of an international equivalent of learning environment is realized.

  According to Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper

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