Why is International Business hot?

According to a report from the National Forecasting Center, the demand for International Business is 25,000 positions per year with an average monthly income of 9 million. Why is this occupation so attractive? What jobs will you have after graduation? These are the concerns of many candidates and parents when facing the stage of choosing a future career.


Who is suitable for International Business?

The first ability that undergraduates in this field need to have is foreign language. Working in an international environment and communicating with partners from different countries make foreign language a requirement that cannot be ignored. Therefore, mastering the foreign language of your job leads to easier works. Despite that, not all students have good foreign language skills which should be noticed when choosing a school. As a result, you should plan to study in schools with foreign language training and international curriculum. This is an opportunity for you to cultivate yourself.

Flexible response and professional behavior are two soft skills needed when working at international organizations. In fact, multinational companies are very focused on the partner's working style. In order to train these 2 personalities, there is no other way but to gain the soft skills knowledge taught by the school during the training process. In addition, OJT at foreign companies is also an option that cannot be missed. In just a short time contacting with a realistic working environment, you will hone many necessary skills.

Besides the above qualities, international business students must be particularly responsive to digital technology. As the 4.0 Industry era 
becoming popular in many countries around the world, if you are not fast to react to the practical situations, you will not be able to work or even fall behind. Therefore, you should pay attention to the technology platform when choosing a school to avoid unnecessary shortcomings.

What positions does International Business provide?

When choosing International Business as a major to study, your employment opportunities will be quite large. As the matter of fact, Vietnam is currently in the global economic integration with many large companies and corporations around the world. This is the opportunity for International Business to develop.

You can work in the field of Import and Export: with trained knowledge, students of International Business will conduct transactions, negotiate with partners to develop markets and new products.

The position of an International Marketing Specialist is also a perfect choice: having knowledge of the international environment, International Business graduates are qualified and able to work as a real Marketing Specialist. Understanding the business surroundings, the strengths and weaknesses of the business will help you create accurate marketing campaigns.

International investment advisory is also one of the International Business working positions. With the general knowledge of the world economy as well as the economic status of different countries and territories, you will be able to devise specific development strategies for different companies. This is the most outstanding feature of International Business students comparing to other economic groups.

There are also many other positions for students of International Business such as market research, trade promotion, financial planning...

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