Why is the graphic design industry appealing to modern young people?

HCM.EDU - The recent development of e-commerce and advertising technology has made  graphic design more attractive than before. In the period of choosing a career, choosing a school, many young people find out which school to go or which school to train but few care about the current human resource needs of the industry?

According to the mid-2017 statistics, the whole country had more than 3,000 large and small advertising companies, of which 30% were foreign businesses and multinational companies with all "tycoons" in the industry such as Dentsu, Ogilvy, Richard Moore, ... The need to design media publications, advertising, and brand identity systems is therefore increasing, requiring a large number of strong graphic design workforce. profession. The growth of businesses in this field has created great work opportunities for students studying Graphic Design.

On recruitment sites such as Vietnamworks, Jobstreet, timviecnhanh.com, you can easily see many advertisements for recruiting graphic design positions with an average salary starting from 500-800USD/month, even 1,000 USD/month.

Every year our country needs more than 1,000,000 people for graphic design. But the training facilities can only meet 40% of the human resources for this expensive industry. "Thirst" of human resources has opened up increasingly attractive job opportunities for students in Graphic Design.

The unorthordox training method of FPT University

 Graphic design is a field of creativity, not restriction, requiring maximum investment of brainpower and intelligence. Every designer's brain must have a different way of expressing content and th ere is no repetitive design for products. Without creativity, the work will not be accepted or quickly dismissed. Creativity is not an innate quality, but something that can be learned and practiced.

Graphic design uses images to help others understand everything without the need for verbal language. Young people who want to pursue this passion need to practice creativity, dynamism, and ability to manage work.

At a final exhibition of the Drawing of Portrait subject, Mr. Nguyen Viet Tan - Head of Graphic Design Department, FPT University said that the students' scores were aggregated from comments. evaluations from the visitors. The exhibition is not only an opportunity for students to display their products but also where they can listen to the comments of viewers to improve. An active and objective way of learning will develop students' competency.

“The detailed description is merely a realistic reproduction of the product. In FPT University's Department of Graphic Design, we do not focus on the expressiveness but promote the filtering, suggesting but not describing so that students can develop their minds in the most creative way. At the same time, it can help students absorb objective ideas to learn how to listen and perfect the product”.

Not only training Graphic Design students on the technological platform, FPT University also organizes field trips, business visits ... From there, stimulating creativity and meeting employers while still in university help students better visualize the field of Graphic Design.

With 3 narrow majors: Fashion design, Interior design, Computer graphics, FPT University graduates can become consultants, designers in businesses, advertising companies, workshops. design, media company, art studio; Creative director; Design lecturers …

Graphic design of multimedia applications is a new media trend. This is an extremely attractive field of study for art lovers and creative enthusiasts.

"In 2019, FPT University enrolls students in the following majors: Software engineering; Safety information; Computer science; Business administration; Hotel management; International business; English language; Japanese language; Multimedia communications; Graphic design in two forms: take part in the entrance exam on May 12 or register for admission.

Parents and candidates can register for counseling here or call the hotline: (028) 7300 5588.

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